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The following is a draft FAQ list.  We welcome your feedback, please email us if your question is not listed below.


eLodgement Process

I am registered but I have forgotten my password

In the Login box, click on the "forgotten my password" link and follow the prompts and you will be sent an email that takes you to the password reset page on the eLodgement Portal.

While submitting an application my session timed out. Is my application saved?

At various places through the process of creating the application; it is saved to a draft. You can see and edit the draft application from the Draft applications under the "My Applications" menu.​

Can I get a copy of the application details that were submitted?

At the time of submitting the application you are emailed a document containing all of the application details you entered. You can also view and print the document by selecting the application from the submitted applications under the "My Applications" menu.

Can I change my notification email address?

Yes, log-in and click on the person image next to your name displayed in the top menu bar. Select the "Edit My Profile" menu and edit the details at the bottom for the field "Notification Email Address".

I forgot to attach a document. How can I submit that document related to my submitted application?

You can submit more information (refer to the User Guide​).

​Where can I find guidelines  on acid sulfate soils?

Please refer to the DER acid sulfate soils guidelines.  Http://

Where can I find guidelines  on contaminated sites?

Information to assist applicants to respond to questions regarding contaminated sites is on the Department of Environment Regulations (DER)